Why Choose Us?

Proex Termite is a sole proprietorship.  This allows the owner/operator Steve Rivette to sell you an inexpensive, affordable termite fumigation at wholesale pricing.  We are happy with having a small profit because our overhead is minimal when compared to large companies. You are not paying for salesmen, secretaries, brick and mortar office space plus all employees in a larger company require the owner to pay for their workmen’s compensation insurance,  state required disability insurance, liability insurance, bonding insurance and state unemployment funding costs.

We have over 42 years experience in the industry and have served clients by giving them FREE Pest Control advice saving many of them hundreds or thousands of dollars. We also give our clients who have subterranean termites the $50 solution or FREE instruction on how to apply certain termiticides themselves, once again saving many of them thousands of dollars, making the cost of fumigation almost nothing!