Termites and More Termites!

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The southern California region has two distinct varieties of termites that are indigenous to the area. The drywood termite, which is found throughout the entire sunbelt of the US, and the subterranean termite which can be found in every state in the country. The drywood termite is the most prevelant kind, making up the majority of the extermination business, while subterranean termites are in less than ten percent (10%) of the homes inspected in the San Diego region.


Drywood termites live in the wood they infest and do not have to emerge, except for the yearly swarmers that develop and fly out of the wood from August to October to establish new colonies in other wood, be it in the same structure or another. They can also be found in telephone poles, railroad ties (even though they are boiled in kreosote), fencing and dead or dying trees.

If drywood termites are found in areas of a home that have exposed wood, like the attic and/or the garage, and are not leading into the walls or any other inaccessible areas, they can be treated at a minimal expense and eradicated. If, however, they are in numerous areas, damaging a building, or have swarmed already, then a fumigation is indicated to eradicate all of the infestations throughout.

If you have further questions regarding termites and their environment, please refer to your local libraries or the internet. You can also visit Pest Web , for extensive information on all insects. Pest Web is the Pest Control Industry’s leading information center.