The reality is, termites are feasting on your wood 24/7.  You will have to fumigate anyway if you want to save your home. If you know you have termites, then you are taking a huge risk by “letting it go”.  If termites are already in the upper parts of your home then they will get into the roofing and cause a much bigger expense than a termite fumigation. Fumigation cost, averaged over 15 years is nothing when compared to replacing a roof.  The inconvenience and cost of having a roof replaced cannot be quantified.

Everyone who owns a home or property will need termite fumigation. It is not a matter of IF it is only a matter of when. Like painting a home or doing any other routine maintenance item, termites are here to stay and have over the last 50 years become more prolific due to the increase in housing with no end in sight.

Yearly, drywood termites cause approximately 2-3 billion dollars worth of damage in the United States alone and this is only damage that has been reported to termite and home owners insurance companies.  This does not include the tens of millions of dollars worth of damage that home and property owners repair on their own.

We offer cheap, affordable termite fumigation, with guaranteed 100% termite removal and so there is no reason to put off what you can do today for tomorrow.


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