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What are the Differences Between Termites?

How do I know which kind of termites I may have?

ProEx can readily identify the two types of termites, drywood and subterranean termites. To learn more about the termites themselves, please read the information on this link TERMITES.

What are the Forms of Payments You Accept?

Can I pay you with my credit card?

We accept cash, checks and money orders, Visa, Master Card and Discover.

When will I pay for your services?

Our second opinion estimates are always FREE.
If you require services then we will expect payment before any work is started simply because we cannot repossess dead termites!

Can You Fumigate Large Structures?

Can you fumigate my business like you did my house?

Yes. Any structure can be fumigated in a similar manner. No structure is too large for fumigation.
For example, one of our large structure clients is the University of California.  We fumigated several of their buildings and laboratories.

Extermination – What is This?

How come we have to leave the house when you fumigate?

This is the process used for killing termites.  The chemicals used in fumigation are fatal to humans and termites. The levels of chemical must dissipate before reentry of a home. That is why ALL animals must be REMOVED as well.
ProEx carefully applies and monitors progress of the chemical introduced until the job is completed properly. We provide the homeowner with a detailed preparation list. Basically, people, plants and pets must all be removed along with any edible items that are not in a sealed metal, plastic, or glass container. Anything you don’t want exposed should be removed or sealed in place. HOWEVER, wood furniture and furniture with wooden framing MUST be exposed because termites can inhabit it! You DON’T WANT to have a reinfestation due to this oversight.