About us



ProeX has been conducting extermination services in the North County area of San Diego for many years. The owner has roots in the community for over thirty years.


While other firms have seen their staffs change from year to year, ProeX has managed to keep the best personnel. Our company believes that it is better to cultivate quality personnel and retain them, than play the numbers game of trying to find replacements. Look in the paper sometime at the ads for our competitors in the employment section. Notice how they tout, “no experience necessary” or “will train” for the sales staff, and the extermination staff? We think this is unacceptable.
Once again the customer pays for this kind of attitude towards staff. They pay everytime a job has to be redone, whether at their monetary expense or the cost of their time. ProeX considers both equally valuable. That is why we show up on time without excuses. That is why we don’t advertise for inexperienced staff. If someone wants to work with us they better have a good knowledge base to begin with. We stake our reputation on their ability to perform correctly the first time.
Our philosphy is simple: “Do it once, do it right.”


ProeX also believes in giving something back to the community where we live. Our owner is a member of the Mira Mesa Town Council, currently VP of the Mira Mesa Theatre Guild and is involved in Christ Community Church ministries. He has an active interest in funding the arts with his time, expertise and money. ProeX wants to thank the community for supporting our firm by supporting worthwhile family-oriented activities.


In the world of business, there are many companies which look exclusively to the bottom line. We all know that this kind of narrow focus may mean greater profits in the short-term, but in the long-term we all suffer the consequences. Our finest moment is achieved when we can say to a customer that his or her fears are unfounded and their home is safe and secure from infestation. NOBODY wants to have to use our services, but in case you need us, we are ready to treat you how you expect to be treated – with respect.
ProeX is and will be a dedicated partner in the stability of San Diego and looks forward to your continued patronage.
Thank you