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Termite Fumigation

We only do fumigations because this is the only 100% method of eradicating termites.  We guarantee our jobs for three years.  If you need local treatment we would be happy to refer you to another company. 


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Home, health, relationships … tops the list of “most valuable” to most of us.

ProeX will help you SAVE your home!

We are one of San Diego’s finest fumigation service companies with 20+ Yelp reviews, 5 star Google rating and very happy to have served San Diego county home and business owners for over 26 years!

Our services include:  Fumigation and repair of structures damaged by termite infestation.

Wholesale Pricing to the Public:  We cost less, period! Competitors will cost you 10% to 15% OR MORE than our prices. We dare you ask for their quote.

Drywood Termite Treatment Options:  Entire building and/or home fumigation.

Subterranean Termite Treatment Options:  We give our clients the $49.95 solution with no chemical usage!

Repairs:  Structural corrections to termite and dry rot fungus damaged areas. All repairs are done under a “B” Contractors license.


ProeX Termite’s ” Second Opinion Estimates”:

Are of NO COST or NO CHARGE to you!

We SAVED home owners $$$ in over 98%+ of the time.

If you’re in San Diego and need termite fumigation service and/or repair work, call (866) 609-9900 TODAY to reserve your FREE Second Opinion Estimate!

We are San Diego’s termite killers!

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Why we recommend fumigation over other “solutions”?

For most areas of San Diego the need to do termite fumigation, if you tent and do nothing afterwards is about every 15-17 years. If you live in the beach areas it is about every 10-12 years due to the higher density of homes, higher humidity and many properties are rentals that never get termite tent fumigation when they transact on a real estate sale, so the termites are more prolific and infest more easily.

The orange oil, heat, freezing, microwave and other localized treatments do not guarantee 100% termite removal of termites in areas other than where you treat, or even in those areas and usually by the time you see termite droppings or other evidence they have spread into other areas you do not see. The wood in 90% + of all homes is concealed in walls and areas we cannot inspect and see.

Termite swarming takes place after year 4 to 5 of colonization. They are then in many other places in walls and inaccessible areas we cannot detect. Even when you see droppings that is only termite poop that is brought to the far ends of the termite galleries and can be up to 40-50 feet from the actual colony where the queen is laying eggs.

In my own home I had a termite fumigation done and 2 years later opened an 18′ x 10″ wall to build an addition and every piece of wood in that wall had been completely infested before I did a termite fumigation even though I never saw anything in that area and it was about 60′ from where I did see droppings! I have seen many homes where people remodel and open walls, up only to discover extensive termite damages very far from where they initially saw termite evidence, having never seen anything in the area opened up.

Local treatments may kill a few termites but you will still have a problem.

Only fumigation can guarantee 100% termite eradication. We really value your time (and ours).  We like doing jobs ONE TIME and not have to go back after a few months because of “new” droppings you will surely see with local treatment.

None of the other treatments guarantees 100% termite removal.  On recent testing with the orange oil product, less than 82% of the termites were killed in a totally exposed piece of wood drilled on all 4 sides and treated over twice the manufacturers’ recommendation. This was exposed wood, not wood in a wall that can only be drilled on one side. If you have 4 bald tires on your car would you buy just 2 or 3 new tires or do the guaranteed 100% solution of buying 4!


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